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First 10K – Check!

I made it through my first 10K this past Saturday. Finally!

I was very nervous, because I have NOT been training. Worse yet, when I ran last Wednesday evening, I was SO slow and could only go for a mile until I had to stop. So, a 6.2 mile “date” for just 3 days away was like the idea of climbing a mountain covered with ice in flip-flops. Seemingly impossible.

So, being a numbers person, I did “the math”. I wanted to set a reasonable goal for myself so that I was not all disappointed afterwards. I calculated the total time it would take me if I averaged a 12 min/mile pace to create the beginning of my range (I know that I have run faster times, but only in short spurts), and I calculated the total time for 15 min/mile pace for the actual target goal. This was my “I’d really like to not exceed this time” time. Basically, my range was 1hr 14.4 minutes to 1hr 33 minutes. I was REALLY expecting to finish right around the hour and a half mark, since my so-called run on Wednesday was so pathetic.

I was moving pretty well the first half, which surprised me. I thought I was pacing myself better. I actually beat my 5K record time by just over a full minute. Great for my ego, but awful for the long haul! I ended up finishing in 1hr 18.08 minutes. A full 12 minutes faster than I actually anticipated!! Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with the results, and am motivated anew to do better next time. I realize that this will require a regular running routine, which I have yet to successfully establish. To be perfectly honest, even running only once a week would be an improvement if I did it EVERY week. That’s my goal for now. To get out and run at least once a week. With my other scheduled workouts, and no immediate running events schedule to train for, this is very reasonable. I think that will at least keep me at my current level so I don’t feel like I’m starting over every time I go for a run. I’m finding more and more that I’m ok with status quo on certain things at certain times. I can’t possibly do EVERYthing – much as that pains me to admit. For now, I’m just really excited that not only did I finish the 10K race, but that my run/walk time was an average of 12:50 min/mile.

Here’s me – after.

Angel 10K

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